Big Brother is a popular reality television format, where, over 15 weeks or so, a number of contestants (typically 12) try to avoid periodic publicly-voted evictions from a communal house and hence win a cash prize. The show, a kind of 'real life soap', was invented by the Dutchman John de Mol and developed by his production company, Endemol. It has been a prime-time hit in almost 70 different countries, earning Endemol large sums of money. The show's name comes from George Orwell's 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, in which Big Brother is the all-seeing leader of the dystopian Oceania.

The first series of Big Brother was aired in the Netherlands in September 1999, and the show was subsequently adapted to virtually every other part of the world. Though each country has made its own adaptations and changes to the format, the general concept has stayed the same: "housemates" are confined to a specially designed house where their every action is recorded by cameras and microphones at all times; and these housemates are not permitted any contact with the outside world. The housemates are allowed no television or radio, means of contacting the outside world, or other media; not even writing material. Private chats with a psychologist are a special exception, and are always allowed at any time, often by means of a telephone in the Diary Room. At regular intervals, normally once weekly, the public is invited to vote to have a housemate of their choice evicted from the House. In some cases, two housemates may be evicted simultaneously (a "double eviction"), or rarely, no housemates will be removed for that week. At the end of the game, the last remaining housemate is declared winner of that particular series, and receives prizes; often including a large amount of money, a car, a holiday, and in some editions, a house.

Besides the same living together, which is the principal axis and major attraction of the contest, this one turns concerning 4 basic props: the stripped-bare back to basics environment in which they live, the evictions system, the weekly tasks set by Big Brother, and the "diary room", in which the housemates individually convey their thoughts, feelings, frustrations and their eviction nominees.

In the first of most Big Brother seasons, the House that the housemates had to live in for the duration of the competition was very basic. Although essential amenities such as running water, furniture and a limited ration of food were provided, luxury items were often forbidden. This added an element of survival into the show, thus increasing the potential for tensions within the house. Now almost every country has a modern house for the contest, with a jacuzzi, a sauna, a VIP suite, a loft, and other luxuries.

The housemates are required to do any housework as they see fit, and are set tasks by the producers of the show, who communicate with the housemates via the omnipresent authority figure known only to them as Big Brother. The tasks set are designed to test their team-working abilities and community spirit, and in some countries the housemates' shopping budget or weekly allowance often depends on the outcome of any set tasks. The housemates have a weekly allowance with which they can buy food and other essentials.

At regular intervals, the housemates each privately nominate a number of fellow housemates that they wish to see evicted from the house. The housemates with the most nomination points are then named announced, and viewers are given the opportunity to vote for whom they wish to see evicted.

After the votes are tallied, the "evictee" leaves the house and is interviewed live by the host of the show, usually in front of a live studio audience.

The series is notable for involving the Internet. Although the show typically broadcasts daily updates in the evening, sometimes criticised for its heavy editing, viewers can also watch a continuous, 24-hour feed from multiple cameras on the web. These websites were highly successful, even after some national series started charging for access to the video stream. In some countries, the Internet broadcasting was supplemented by updates via email, WAP and SMS. The House is even shown live on satellite television (with a 10-15 minute delay to permit muting of unacceptable content in the UK).

Despite derision from many intellectuals and other critics, the show has been a commercial success around the world. Criticisms typically are based on the ironic aspects of George Orwell's dystopic vision of Nineteen Eighty-Four being consciously aped by producers for public entertainment. More generally, the voyeuristic nature of the show, where contestants volunteer to surrender their privacy in return for minor celebrity status and a comparatively small cash prize, has attracted much scorn.

While any pretences to be a cultural experiment are dubious, reports of the different results of the show around the world have been mildly interesting from a pop-anthropology standpoint. Some versions have been filled with sex-crazed housemates, whereas others decided to base the conflict within their programs around difficult or romantic personalities, as in Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Philippines or Spain. With the passing of time, it has been demonstrated that the most successful versions were the ones that emulated a soap opera, whereas the versions where the principal attraction was sex have been eliminated, as in Hungary or Poland. The amount of sex shown on the televised versions around the world depends on local and national television censorship rules, with some countries editing out all sex and nudity, while others broadcast what is considered to be borderline pornography.

Some peculiarities

* In France and Canada, the format has been developed using couples. Twelve single people stay in the same house until only the winning couple are left.
* Big Brother USA currently uses a different set of rules from the other countries' versions of the show, as it has starting with its second season (the first season followed the traditional format) In the US version, viewers do not vote for eviction; all voting is done by houseguests. Public voting is limited to periodic "America's Choice" votes, with the public deciding who gets typically minor prizes such as phone call from home, or a walk-on appearance in a television show. In season 6, however, the public was allowed to vote one of the evicted contestants back into the house. Also, the nominations are done by one houseguest, the HOH (Head of Household). The US Big Brother also introduced the Power of Veto, with a houseguest having power to save a housemate from the nominations. It's been adapted in Brazil and since then some countries modified their nominations rules.
* The third Dutch edition introduced the notion of "The Battle", in which the house is separated into a luxurious half and a poor half, with two teams of housemates constantly fighting for time in the luxurious half. Separated houses have also been used in Spain, Australia, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Slovakia, Greece, UK, Scandinavia, Sweden, Norway and Germany. Australia, Italy and Mexico added punishment zones to their houses.
* The fifth UK edition introduced the "Evil" touch, where the Big Brother voice became almost a villain. He was establishing punishments and was proposing hard tasks and secret tricks. This was also seen in Australia, Spain, Scandinavia, Bulgaria, Belgium and Mexico.
* The fifth German edition, running for a full year, separated the contestants into three teams (rich, regular, survivor) and equivalent living areas. The sixth season was running in a small artificial town denominated "Das Dorf" and was the first version which has no time limit.
* The fourth Greek season introduced a new element: the mother. In Big Mother nine houseguests take part in the game with their mothers, with whom they must coexist during the contest. The "mamas" were not able to win the prize but they would stay with their children until their eviction. However, this proved to be a failure with the show's audience and the show switched back to the traditional Big Brother format in mid-season.
* There are four special pan-regional versions of Big Brother. All these follow the normal Big Brother rules with the exception that contestants come from different countries in the region where it airs:

- Africa: Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
- Middle East: Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Syria and Tunisia.
- Pacific: Chile, Ecuador and Peru.
- Scandinavia: Sweden and Norway.
* Also in different countries, there is a spin-off called Big Brother VIP (Mexico, Hungary, Argentina -planned-, Bulgaria -called VIP Brother-, Spain, Brazil -planned-, Denmark and Portugal) / Celebrity Big Brother (UK, South Africa, Netherlands, Philippines, Belgium, India -planned- and Australia). In 2006 a new variant appeared in the Netherlands: Hotel Big Brother. Seven B-celebrity hoteliers and a Big Boss run a hotel, collecting money for charity without nominations, evictions or winner.
* Other special versions:
- Teen Big Brother (United Kingdom, Philippines). Teenage houseguests competing in a BB house for a few days.
- Big Brother, All Star (Belgium, United States). Housemates from the different Big Brother seasons living together.
-Big Brother, Reality All Star (Denmark, Sweden). Contestants from different reality shows living together at the BB house.
- Big Brother, Tilbake I Huset (Norway). Meaning Big Brother, Back In The House. The BB1 Norway housemates living together again. They also welcome 4 new housemates who are competiting for a spot in the next regular season.

Big Brother around the world

Region Local name
Official website
Channel Winners
Africa Big Brother

Season 1, 2003: Cherise Makubale (Zambia)
Season 2, 2007: Richard Dyle Bezuidenhout (Tanzania)
Season 3, 2008: Ricardo Venancio (Angola)
Season 4, 2009: Kevin Chuwang (Nigeria)
Season 5, 2010: Uti Nwachukwu Nigeria
Season 6, 2011: Karen Igho (Nigeria) & Wendall Parsons (Zimbabwe)
Season 7, 2012: Keagan Peterson (South Africa)
Season 8, 2013: Dillish Matthews (Namibia)
Season 9, 2014: Idris Sultan (Tanzania)
Season 10, TBA: Upcoming Season

Albania Big Brother Top-Channel

Season 1, 2008: Arbër Çepani
Season 2, 2009: Qetsor Ferunaj
Season 3, 2010: Jetmir Salaj
Season 4, 2010-11: Emela Mezuraj
Season 5, 2012: Arbër Zeka
Season 6, 2013: Anaidi Kaloti
Season 7, 2014: Nevila Omeri
Season 8, 2015: Vesel Kurtishaj
Season 9, 2017: Danjel Dedndreaj & Fotini Derxho

Argentina Gran Hermano

Season 1, 2001: Marcelo Corazza
Season 2, 2001: Roberto Parra
Season 3, 2002-03: Viviana Colmenero
Season 4, 2007: Marianela Mirra
Season 5, 2007: Esteban Morais
Season 6, 2010-11: Cristian Urrizaga
Season 7, 2011-12: Rodrigo Fernández

Australia Big Brother
Official website
Network Ten

Season 1, 2001: Ben Williams
Season 2, 2002: Peter Corbett
Season 3, 2003: Regina Bird
Season 4, 2004: Trevor Butler
Season 5, 2005: Greg Mathew
Season 6, 2006: Jamie Brooksby
Season 7, 2007: Aleisha Cowcher
Season 8, 2008: Terri Munro
Season 9, 2012: Benjamin Norris
Season 10, 2013: Tim Dormer
Season 11, 2014: Ryan Ginnis
Season 1, 2002: Dyan Lewis (Celebrity Edition)

Belgium Big Brother
Kanaal Twee

Season 1, 2000: Steven Spillebeen
Season 2, 2001: Ellen Dufour
Season 3, 2002: Kelly Vandevenne
Season 4, 2003: Kristof van Camp
Season 5, 2006: Kirsten Janssens
Season 6, 2007: Diana Ferrante
Season 1, 2001: Sam Gooris (VIPs Edition)
Season 2, 2006: Pim Symoens (VIPs Edition)
Season 1, 2003: Heidi Zutterman (All-Stars Edition)

Brazil Big Brother
Official website

Season 1, 2002: Kléber de Paula
Season 2, 2002: Rodrigo Leonel Fraga
Season 3, 2003: Dhomini Ferreira
Season 4, 2004: Cida da Silva
Season 5, 2005: Jean Wyllys
Season 6, 2006: Mara Viana
Season 7, 2007: Diego Gasques
Season 8, 2008: Rafinha Ribeiro
Season 9, 2009: Max Porto
Season 10, 2010: Marcelo Dourado
Season 11, 2011: Maria Melillo
Season 12, 2012: Fael Cordeiro
Season 13, 2013: Fernanda Keulla
Season 14, 2014: Vanessa Mesquita
Season 15, 2015: Cézar Lima
Season 16, 2016: Munik Nunes
Season 17, 2017: Emily Araújo
Season 18, 2018: Upcoming Season

Bulgaria Big Brother
Official website

Season 1, 2004-05: Zdravko Vasilev
Season 2, 2005: Miroslav Atanasov
Season 3, 2006: Lyubov Stancheva
Season 4, 2008: Georgi Alurkov
Season 5, 2015: Nikita Jönsson
Season 1, 2010: Eli & Veselin Kuzmovi (Family Edition)
Season 1, 2006: Konstantin Slavov (VIP Edition)
Season 2, 2007: Hristina Stefanova (VIP Edition)
Season 3, 2009: Deyan Slavchev (VIP Edition)
Season 4, 2012: Orlin Pavlov (VIP Edition)
Season 5, 2013: Stanka Zlateva (VIP Edition)
Season 6, 2014: Vladislav Karamfilov (VIP Edition)
Season 7, 2015: Gino Tashev (VIP Edition)
Season 8, 2016: Miglena Angelova (VIP Edition)
Season 9, 2017: Upcoming Season
Season 1, 2012: Nikola Nasteki- Lester (All Stars Edition)
Season 2, 2013: Zlatka Dimitrova (All Stars Edition)
Season 3, 2014: Todor Slavkov (All Stars Edition)
Season 4, 2015: Desislava (All Stars Edition)

Canada Loft Story
Official website

Season 1, 2003: Julie Lemay & Samuel Tissot
Season 2, 2006: Mathieu Baron & Stéphanie Bélanger
Season 3, 2006: Shawn-Edward, Jean-Philippe Anwar & Kim Rusk
Season 4, 2007: Mathieu Surprenant
Season 5, 2008: Charles-Éric Boncoeur
Season 6, 2009: Sébastien Tremblay
Season 1, 2010: Vincent Durand Dubé

Colombia Gran Hermano
Caracol TV

Season 1, 2003: Mónica Tejón

Season 2, 2012: Diana Hernández

Croatia Big Brother
Official website

Season 1, 2004: Sasa Tkalcevic
Season 2, 2005: Hamdija Seferovic
Season 3, 2006: Danijel Rimanic
Season 4, 2007: Vedran Lovrencic
Season 5, 2008: Kresimir Duvancic
Season 6, 2016: Romano Obilinovic

Czech Republic Big Brother
Velký Bratr
Official website

Season 1, 2005: David Šín

Denmark Big Brother
TV Danmark

Season 1, 2001: Jill Liv Nielsen
Season 2, 2001: Carsten B. Berthelsen
Season 3, 2003: Johnni Madsen
Season 4, 2012: Amanda Heisi
Season 5, 2013: Bjřrn Clausen
Season 6, 2014: David Feldstedt
Season 1, 2003: Thomas Bickham (VIP Edition)
Season 1, 2005: Jill Liv Nielsen (All-Stars Edition)

Ecuador Gran Hermano

Season 1, 2003: David Burbano

Finland Big Brother
Official website

Season 1, 2005: Perttu Sirviö
Season 2, 2006: Sari Nygren
Season 3, 2007: Sauli Koskinen
Season 4, 2008: Anniina Mustajärvi
Season 5, 2009: Aso Alanso Iran
Season 6, 2010: Niko Nousiainen
Season 7, 2011: Janica Kortman
Season 8, 2012: Teija Kurvinen
Season 9, 2014: Andte Gaup-Juuso
Season 1, 2013: Jori Kopponen

France Loft Story

Season 1, 2001: Christophe Mercy & Loana Petrucciani
Season 2, 2002: Karine Delgado & Thomas Saillofest
Season 1, 2007: Marjorie, Cyrielle & Johanna Bluteau
Season 2, 2008: Matthias Pohl Belgium
Season 3, 2009: Emilie Nefnaf
Season 4, 2010: Benoit Dubois
Season 5, 2011: Marie Garet
Season 6, 2012: Nadčge Jones (Switzerland)
Season 7, 2013: Anais Camizuli
Season 8, 2014: Leila Ben Khalifa (Italy (Tunisia))
Season 9, 2015: Emilie Fiorelli
Season 10, 2016: Julien Geloën
Season 11, 2017: Upcoming Season

Germany Big Brother
Official website

Season 1, 2000: John Milz
Season 2, 2000: Alida Kurras
Season 3, 2001: Karina Schreiber
Season 4, 2003: Jan Geilhufe
Season 5, 2004-05: Sascha Sirtl
Season 6, 2005-06: Michael Knopf
Season 7, 2007: Michael Carstensen
Season 8, 2008: Silke Kaufmann
Season 9, 2008-09: Daniel Schöller
Season 10, 2010: Timo Grätsch
Season 11, 2011: Marc Sonnen
Season 12, 2015: Lusy Skya (Belarus)
Season 1, 2013: Jenny Elvers (Promi Edition)
Season 2, 2014: Aaron Troschke (Russia)
Season 3, 2015: David Odonkor (Ghana)
Season 4, 2016: Ben Tewaag
Season 5, 2017: Upcoming Season

Greece Big Brother
Big Mother

Season 1, 2001: Giorgos Triantafyllidis
Season 2, 2002: Alexandros Moskhos
Season 3, 2003: Thodores Jspógloy
Season 4, 2005: Nikos Papadopoulos
Season 5, 2010-11: Giannis Foukakis

Hungary Big Brother
Nagy Testvér

Season 1, 2002: Éva Párkányi
Season 2, 2003: Zsófi Horváth
Season 1, 2003: Gábor Bochkor (VIP Edition)
Season 2, 2003: Lajos Boros (VIP Edition)
Season 3, 2003: Gábor Zolee Ganxsta (VIP Edition)
Season 8, 2016: Soma Farkas
Season 9, 2017: Upcoming Season

Italy Grande Fratello
Official website
Canale 5

Season 1, 2000: Cristina Plevani
Season 2, 2001: Flavio Montrucchio
Season 3, 2003: Floriana Secondi
Season 4, 2004: Serena Garitta
Season 5, 2004: Jonathan Kashanian
Season 6, 2006: Augusto De Megni
Season 7, 2007: Milo Coretti
Season 8, 2008: Mario Ferretti
Season 9, 2009: Ferdi Berisa
Season 10, 2009-10: Mauro Marin
Season 11, 2010-11: Andrea Cocco
Season 12, 2011-12: Sabrina Mbarek (Tunisia)
Season 13, 2014: Mirco Petrilli
Season 14, 2015: Federica Lepanto
Season 15, 2017: Upcoming Season
Season 16, 2018: Upcoming Season

Mexico Big Brother
Official website

Season 1, 2002: Rocío Cárdenas
Season 2, 2003: Silvia Irabien
Season 3, 2005: Evelyn Nieto
Season 4, 2015: Eduardo "Chile" Miranda
Season 1, 2002: Galilea Montjo (VIP Edition)
Season 2, 2003: Omar Chaparro (VIP Edition)
Season 3, 2004: Eduardo Videgaray (VIP Edition)
Season 4. 2004: Roxanna Castellanos (VIP Edition)
Season 5, 2005: Sasha Sökol (VIP Edition)

Middle East Big Brother
(The President)

Season 1, 2004: Discontinued

Netherlands Big Brother
Official website

Season 1, 1999: Bart Spring in 't Veld
Season 2, 2000: Bianca Hagenbeek
Season 3, 2001: Sandy Boots
Season 4, 2002: Jeanette Godefroy
Season 5, 2005: Joost Hoebink
Season 6, 2006: Jeroen Visser
Season 1, 2000: No Winner (VIP Edition)
Season 2, 2006: No Winner (VIP Edition)
Season 1, 2011: Sharon Hoojikaas (Secret Story)

Nigeria Big Brother

Season 1, 2006: Katung Aduwak

Season 2, 2017: Efe Ejeba

Norway Big Brother

Season 1, 2001: Lars Joakim Ringom
Season 2, 2002: Veronica Agnes Roso
Season 3, 2003: Eva Lill Baukhol
Season 4, 2011: Tine Barstad

Pacific Gran Hermano

Season 1, 2005: Juan Sebastián López (Ecuador)

Philippines Big Brother

Season 1, 2005: Nene Tamayo
Season 2, 2007: Beatriz Saw
Season 3, 2009-10: Melisa Cantiveros
Season 4, 2011-12: Slater Young
Season 5, 2014: Daniel Matsunaga (Brazil)
Season 6, 2015: Miho Nishida & Jimboy Martin (Japan)
Season 7, 2016-17: Maymay Entrata
Season 1, 2006: Keanna Reeves (Celebrity Edition)
Season 2, 2007-08: Ruben Gonzaga (Celebrity Edition)
Season 1, 2006: Kim Chiu (Teen Edition)
Season 2, 2008: Ejay falcon (Teen Edition)
Season 3, 2010: James Reid (Australia)
Season 4, 2012: Myrtie Abigail Sarrosa

Poland Big Brother
Wielki Brat

Season 1, 2001: Janusz Dzieciol
Season 2, 2001: Marzena Wieczorek
Season 3, 2002: Piotr Borucki
Season 4, 2007: Jolanta Rutowicz
Season 5 (part 2), 2008: Janusz Straczek

Portugal Big Brother
O Grande Irmăo

Season 1, 2000-01: Zé Maria Povinho
Season 2, 2001: Henrique Guimaraes
Season 3, 2001: Catarina Eufémia
Season 4, 2003: Nando Geraldes
Season 1, 2002: Ricardo Vieira (Big Brother Famosos)
Season 2, 2002: Vitor Norte
Season 3, 2013: Pedro Guedes (VIP Edition)
Season 1, 2010: António Queirós (Secret Story: Casa dos Segredos)
Season 2, 2011: Joăo Mota
Season 3, 2012: Rúben Boa Nova
Season 4, 2013: Luis Nascimento
Season 5, 2014: Elisabete Moutinho
Season 6, 2016: Helena Isabel
Season 1, 2013: Cátia Palhinha (Secret Story: Desafio Final)
Season 2, 2014: Érica Silva
Season 3, 2015: Sofia Sousa
Season 4, 2017: Carlos Sousa
Season 1, 2015: Bruno Sousa (Secret Story: Luta Pelo Poder)

Romania Big Brother
Fratele Cel Mare
Official website

Season 1, 2003: Soso Joi
Season 2, 2004: Iustin Popovici

(Big Brother)

Season 1, 2005: Anastasia Yagaylova

Scandinavia Big Brother

Season 1, 2005: Britt Goodwin (Norway)
Season 2, 2006: Jessica Lindgren (Sweden)
Season 3, 2014: Anders Olsson (Sweden)

Serbia Veliki Brat

Season 1, 2006: Upcoming season

Slovakia Big Brother
TV Markíza

Season 1, 2005: Richard Tkác

South Africa Big Brother

Season 1, 2001: Ferdinand Rabie
Season 2, 2002: Richard Cawood
Season 3, 2014: Mandla Hlatshwayo
Season 4, 2015: Ace Khumalo & Ntombi Tshabalala
Season 1, 2002: Bill Flynn (Celebrity Edition)

Spain Gran Hermano

Season 1, 2000: Ismael Beiro
Season 2, 2001: Sabrina Mahi
Season 3, 2002: Javito García
Season 4, 2002-03: Pedro Oliva
Season 5, 2003-04: Nuria Yáńez
Season 6, 2004: Juan José Rocamora
Season 7, 2005-06: Pepe Herrero
Season 8, 2006: Naiala Melo (Brazil)
Season 9, 2007: Judit Iglesias
Season 10, 2008-09: Iván Madrazo
Season 11, 2009-10: Ángel Muńoz
Season 12, 2010-11: Laura Campos
Season 13, 2012: Pepe Flores
Season 14, 2013: Susana Molina
Season 15, 2014: Paula González
Season 16, 2015: Sofia Suescún
Season 17, 2016: Beatriz Retamal
Season 18, 2017: Upcoming Season

Sweden Big Brother

Season 1, 2000: Angelica Freij
Season 2, 2002: Ulrica Andersson
Season 3, 2003: Danne Sörensen
Season 4, 2004: Carolina Gynning
Season 5, 2011: Simon Danielsson
Season 6, 2012: Hanna Johansson
Season 7, 2015: Christian Sahlström

Switzerland Big Brother

Season 1, 2000: Daniela Kanton
Season 2, 2001: Christian Ponleitner

Thailand Big Brother

Season 1, 2005: Nipon Perktim
Season 2, 2006: Arisa Sonthirod

United Kingdom Big Brother
Channel 4

Season 1, 2000: Craig Phillips
Season 2, 2001: Brian Dowling
Season 3, 2002: Kate Lawler
Season 4, 2003: Cameron Stout
Season 5, 2004: Nadia Almada
Season 6, 2005: Anthony Hutton
Season 7, 2006: Pete Benett
Season 8, 2007: Brian Belo (Nigeria)
Season 9, 2008: Rachel Rice
Season 10, 2009: Sophie Reade
Season 11, 2010: Josie Gibson
Season 12, 2011: Aaron Allard-Morgan
Season 13, 2012: Luke Anderson (South Africa)
Season 14, 2013: Sam Evans
Season 15, 2014: Helen Wood
Season 16, 2015: Chloe Wilburn
Season 17, 2016: Jason Burrill
Season 18, 2017: Current Season

United States Big Brother

Season 1, 2000: Eddie McGee
Season 2, 2001: Will Kirby
Season 3, 2002: Lisa Donahue
Season 4, 2003: Jun Song
Season 5, 2004: Drew Daniel
Season 6, 2005: Maggie Ausburn
Season 8, 2007: Dick Donato
Season 9, 2008: Adam Jasinski
Season 10, 2008: Dan Gheesling
Season 11, 2009: Jordan Lloyd
Season 12, 2010: Hayden Moss
Season 13, 2011: Rachel Reilly
Season 14, 2012: Ian Terry
Season 15, 2013: Andy Herren
Season 16, 2014: Derrick Levasseur
Season 17, 2015: Steve Moses
Season 18, 2016: Nicole Franzel
Season 19, 2017: Current Season
Season 20, 2018: Upcoming Season
Season 7, 2006: Mike Malin (All-Stars Edition)

Big Brother facts

  • General
    • Winners: 68 males and 46 females
    • Country with most seasons: Spain, 7 finished seasons
    • Country with most seasons in total: UK, 11 finished seasons (6 main, 4 Celebrity & 1 Teen)
    • Country with most days with Big Brother on air: Germany, 1,142 days
  • 1999
    • First Big Brother: Netherlands
    • First contestant to be evicted: Martin Jonkman, BB1 Netherlands
    • First contestant to voluntarily leave: Tara van den Bergh, BB1 Netherlands
    • First replacement housemate: Mona Rooth-de Leeuw, BB1 Netherlands
    • First Big Brother winner: Bart Spring in 't Veld, BB1 Netherlands
  • 2000
    • Season with fewest contestants: 10, BB1 USA and GF1 Italy
    • First contestant to be expelled by Big Brother: Nicholas Bateman, BB1 UK
    • First female winner: Angelica Freij, BB1 Sweden
    • First evicted housemate voted back into the house: Marion, BB2 Germany
  • 2001
    • Most Big Brothers to start in a year: 22
    • First Big Brother with a couple competing: Cornelius "Coco" Schmitz and Katja, BB3 Germany
    • First Big Brother mole: Silvia Leder, BB3 Germany
    • First replacement housemate to win Big Brother: Marcelo Corazza, GH1 Argentina
    • First Big Brother to have more than one winner: Christophe Mercy & Loana Petrucciani, LS1 France
    • First incorrect eviction: Klaudiusz Sevkowic instead of Alicja Walczak, BB1 Poland
    • Oldest Big Brother winner: Janusz Dzieciol, 47, BB1 Poland
    • First Big Brother with Head Of House: BB2 USA
    • Big Brother winner with the highest percentage: 90.03%, Ferdinand Rabie, BB1 South Africa
  • 2002
    • First housemates swap: GH3 Spain - BB1 Mexico
    • Most successive nominations survived: 8, Kiko Hernández, GH3 Spain & Nok, BB2 Thailand -2006-
    • First Big Brother with Power Of Veto: BB3 USA
    • Least eviction difference: 0.08%, Alison 38.52% vs. Alex 38.44%, Alison evicted, BB3 UK
    • First pregnant housemate: Michelle, BB2 South Africa
  • 2003
    • Oldest Big Brother housemate: Mihalis Apostolides, 63 years old, BB3 Greece
    • First international version: BB1 Africa
    • First Big Brother with ex-couple housemates: Alison & Justin, Amanda & Scott, David & Michelle, Erika & Robert, Jee & Jun, BB4 USA
    • First contestant to become pregnant in the house: Sissal, BB3 Denmark
  • 2004
    • First blood related housemates: Domenico and Ilaria Turi, father and daughter, GF4 Italy
    • First Big Brother suspended: BB1 Arabia
    • Only contestant to win 2 Big Brothers: Jill Liv Nielsen, BB1 -2001- & BB Reality All Stars Denmark
    • First "Evil" Big Brother: BB5 UK
    • First faked eviction: Emma and Michelle, BB5 UK
    • First twins competing: Natalie and Adria Montgomery, BB5 USA
  • 2005
    • Longest Big Brother: 365 days, BB5 Germany
    • Seasons with most contestants: 59, BB5 Germany & BB6 Germany
    • Longest time in Big Brother house: Sascha Sirtl and Franziska Lewandrowski, 365 days, BB5 Germany
    • First Big Brother village: BB6 Germany
    • Highest eviction percentage: 95%, Aline Cristina, BB5 Brazil
    • Shortest Big Brother: 60 days, BB3 Mexico
    • Youngest Big Brother winner: Anastasia Yagaylova, 19 years old, BB1 Russia
    • First Big Brother where all the housemates have a secret playing partner: BB6 USA
    • First Big Brother ~ Big Mother season: BB4 Greece
    • Lowest eviction percentage with positive voting: 1.06%, Martin, BB6 Germany
    • First Big Brother birth: Tanja Slangenberg gave birth to Joscelyn Savanna, BB5 Netherlands
  • 2006
    • First HIV-infected contestant: Kenny van Quickelberghe, BB5 Belgium
    • Most times nominated for eviction: 9, Nok, BB2 Thailand & Camilla Severi, BB6 Australia
    • Most successive times nominated for eviction: 9, Nok, BB2 Thailand
    • First contestant with Tourette syndrome: John Bric, BB6 Australia
    • First nomination and eviction by pairs: Imogen - Susie, Michael - Spiral (evicted) and Pete - Richard, BB7 UK

Near copies of Big Brother

There are a number of different formats around the globe that use rules similar to Big Brother:

The Farm, created by the Swedish producer house Strix. This is the fourth biggest 'people-living-together' reality show on Earth, only exceeded by Star Academy / Operación Triunfo (France/Spain, 2001, Endemol) broadcast in 52 countries; Survivor (Sweden, 1997, Strix), shown in 65 countries and Big Brother (The Netherlands, 1999, Endemol) emitted or planned to be emitted in 73.

  • Countries: Algeria, Bahrein, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Lybia, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Palestine, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, UK and Yemen.

The Bar, another format from Strix.

  • Countries: Argentina, Cambodia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland

Protagonistas..., a format from the Spanish producer house GloboMedia, developed by its subsidiary in America, Promofilm. It's a mixture among Big Brother and Star Academy and has had a huge success in different latin countries, as Chile, Brazil (formerly known as Casa dos Artistas), Venezuela, Colombia or Mexico. It also had its own version in Spain and in USA, for the Latin market, airing on Telemundo.

There are also some local formats that in one or other way are pretty similar with Endemol's Big Brother:

  • Albania, Kafazi i Arte; Syri Magjik; To Sam Ja
  • Austria, Taxi Orange
  • Bolivia, Uno Busca
  • Bosnia, 60 Sati; To Sam Ja
  • Chile, La Casa
  • Croatia, To Sam Ja
  • Czech Republic VyVolení
  • France, Les Colocataires; Nice People
  • Germany, Der Container Exklusiv
  • Hungary, Való Világ
  • Indonesia, Penghuni Terakhir
  • Ireland, Cabin Fever
  • Israel, Project Y; The Yacht
  • Korea, Twenty Eyes
  • Latvia, Fabrika; Barbarossa
  • Netherlands, De Bus; 7 Plagen ; De Gouden Kooi
  • Norway, Singel 24-7
  • Peru, La Casa De Gisela; Gran Hermano De Chollywood
  • Puerto Rico, 360 Estudio
  • FYR Macedonia, Tom Sam Ja
  • Russia, 12 Negrityat; Dom; Golod; Za Steklom
  • Serbia and Montenegro, To Sam Ja
  • Slovakia, VyVolení ; To Sam Ja
  • Spain, El Bus; Hotel Glam; La Casa De Tu Vida
  • Turkey, Biri Bizi Gözetliyor
  • UK, Back To Reality
  • USA, Unan1mous
  • Ukraine, Dom


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